Friday, 14 August 2009

Colourful Living Room Floor

If you fancy creating a colourful living room design scheme then why not consider the last place you look - the floor!

colourful living room floor
FLOR by heuga carpet tiles let you be as creative as you feel so you can create something truly unique in your own home whether that's for a modern sophisticated look or a more traditional formal theme.

This contemporary colourful floor combines various colours from FLOR by heuga's Instant Impact range - a collection that includes various zesty bright shades!

colourful heuga carpet tilesHere's some ideas for a different approach to your floor that you may not otherwise have considered:
- stripey carpet (you choose how thick or thin the stripes are)
- border of carpet tiles around the edge in a different shade or texture
- create a rug feature using different colours and textures of carpet tiles

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