Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Heuga Carpet Tiles for the Home DVD

See below for a link to our new short film promoting the benefits of Heuga carpet tiles for the home and a quick introduction to the company. The film includes beautiful images of Heuga products, along with reasons for choosing them - design, practicality, versatility etc.

English version:
Heuga carpet tiles DVD

Dutch version
Heuga tapijttegels DVD

Friday, 28 May 2010

Amusing ads from the past for Heuga carpet tiles

heuga carpet tile advertsI have stumbled across a couple of amusing old TV adverts for Heuga carpet tiles on YouTube - one from Australia (1984) and another older one from the original homeland of carpet tiles - the Netherlands. Whilst the latter is in Dutch the message is clear - chilly hard floor is made warm and comfortable with Heuga carpet tiles.

The colours and designs of FLOR by heuga carpet tiles have come a long way since the older ads, but the messages still stand - warm, comfortable, practical and flexible flooring! Also included a link to a more recent advert showing the design flexibility of carpet tiles.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

SoftSenses - carpet for bedrooms and bathrooms

Latest addition to the bedroom and bathroom collection, Soft Senses brings the soft and comfortable feeling of walking on the beach to your home.

beige carpet tilesSoftSenses carpet tiles in colours Fog and Dusk are featured in the main image. To view the full range on - click here.

carpet tiles for bedrooms and bathroomsThe name says it all, Soft Senses carpet tiles are ideal for bedrooms and bathrooms where your bare feet deserve a warm and gentle surface.

The colours are inspired by coastal and landscape scenes. Reflecting the beauty and serenity of the beach, the shades are intended to bring a sense of calm and relaxation to bedrooms and bathrooms in your home.

Refined neutral shades of cream, beige, yellow and grey reflect the shoreline features of sand dunes and driftwood while darker shades such as ‘sunset’ and inky ‘midnight’ black evoke the intensity of open coastal skies.

rich purple heuga carpet tilesThe colours are complementary so you can combine them to create a unique floor design or you can use one colour to create a complete wall-to-wall appearance.

The image on the right features the colour Sea Urchin used throughout the room which is a fabulous shade of rich purple.

Friday, 16 April 2010

How to clean red wine from your carpet (and other carpet maintenance tips)

cleaning red wine on carpet
We all know the scenario - you're chilling out on the couch with a glass of red wine and accidentally spill it on your brand new carpet!

When dealing with any stain on a carpet, the key is to act immediately. The longer you take to react, the more time the stain has to set into the carpet. Many stains can be removed with just water if you respond quickly enough.

There are many myths about dealing with stains on carpets but we have found a website that we trust for giving advice and tips on treating carpets.

This website provides a list of stains and issues for carpets and provides solutions for each individual problem such as:

"How do I clean red wine from my carpet?"

"How do I remove a coffee stain on the carpet?"

"What do I use to clean make up off the carpet?"

"How do I remove candle wax from my carpet?"

Go to the following page to see a list of common issues or enter your own particular stain in the "stain search engine"

This site provides genuine and clear advice on how to look after your carpet. See the website to see full details on carpet cleaning and maintenance.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Avoid boring flooring

A consumer recently asked for some advice in creating an interesting floor design using FLOR by heuga tiles for her home. She currently has a floor of our high pile range LazyLounge in one colour - Dark Chocolate.

I thought it could be useful to share the details here in case there are other people out there wanting to get creative.

At FLOR by heuga we always try to encourage the use of different colours and textures to create a unique and interesting floor design as this is the true benefit of carpet tiles and you will see that our catalogue and website is full of photos showing different floor design ideas.

Here are some of the options I suggested:

Combination Ideas - add a few feature tiles to create interest eg a stripe, border or just single tiles

1. Same colour, different texture

See the image for a combination of CountryClassic and Country Contemporary - an example of a combination of different textures in the same colour.

A similar effect is possible using LazyLounge - Dark Chocolate and PuzzlePieces colour Dark Chocolate. This would be an excellent combination product for a subtle variation on the floor. These two products could be used in a variety of patterns.

2. Combine Dark Chocolate with a bright vibrant shade - such as green, orange or red

See the image where LazyLounge Dark Chocolate is combined with colours in our PuzzlePieces range (Carrot Juice and Crimson Pink). This certainly creates impact on the floor.

3. Beige/Brown combination

A subtle complementary combination - Dark Chocolate and Biscotti are a popular pairing. In the picture this shows a main floor in PuzzlePieces in colour Biscotti, combined with LazyLounge in colour Biscotti and PuzzlePieces in colour Dark Chocolate.

With a main floor in Dark Chocolate you could combine with colour Biscotti in LazyLounge and/or PuzzlePieces.

Our online design tool is great for trying out different combinations. This is an easy to use online design tool which has a number of pre-designed simple floor layouts where you can try out different colour combinations.

Please click on the following link to have a go yourself:
Online Floor Designer

Friday, 12 February 2010

Create My Carpet - Navigram Online Room Planner

FLOR by heuga has teamed up with design software experts Navigram to develop a sophisticated 3D room designer that allows you to design interior spaces and recreate rooms in your own home.

Each project starts with setting the dimensions for the room then selecting furniture and fittings as well as choosing FLOR by heuga collections to decorate the room. The Create My Carpet Planner features the FLOR by heuga Rugs collection as well as a range of products for wall-to-wall installation.

Please click on the link below and get creative:

Navigram Room Planner

For info, you need a PC with Windows and Internet Explorer. Also some
systems have security settings that prevent installing ActiveX components.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Good Housekeeping features FLOR by heuga carpet tiles

Good Housekeeping features a stunning picture of FLOR by heuga carpet tiles in this month's magazine. Different colours of the PuzzlePieces collection have been laid out on a formal lawn to show the beauty of carpet tiles.

The caption states "Not a rug, but carpet tiles! And this bright mix of colours demonstrates just how versatile they can be."

It is great to see good coverage in good quality titles like Good Housekeeping and it is refreshing to see a magazine do something innovative for a carpet feature.

The Good Housekeeping magazine website is a great source for issues like how to declutter your home and for decoration inspiration - see the link below: